Enterprise Web & Mobile Applications 

Do you still have a manual process or a paper-based workflow? Let us automate the same by building a web/mobile application for it.

Input Channel

We integrate forms and file uploads in the web and mobile applications to automate your current paper-based workflows. Input data important for your operations and view real-time updates.

Approvals Management

Have multi-level approvals for a process? 

We incorporate multiple level approvals in our web and mobile applications with automated notifications for approval requests and reason for rejection.

Automated Notifications

Never miss an important event in your business and directly get email notifications without even logging on to the web/mobile application. Get notified about important events like approval requests, low inventory alerts, weekly reports and many more.

Data Integration

Experience your data the way you desire. We connect our web applications to your existing databases. Experience Data insights from all the relevant data sources including Excel files, MS Access database, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB Oracle, SAP or any other.

Data Analytics

We enable you to improve your business decisions based on the company's historical performance. Predictive Analysis reports make you aware of upcoming challenges and opportunities. It suggests you the areas of improvement.

Data Visualization

Comprehensive visual analytics framework that helps simplify data and get answers to your business questions-rapidly, precisely and visually. Travel from data to insights in minutes. 

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Sales & Marketing Dashboards

Data Analysis and Visualization

Excel and VBA Automation

Corporate Training

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