Save Time And Focus On Growth

With a fully customized ERP and CRM solutions that automates all the processes in your business, you can focus on growing your business rather than being involved in petty tasks.

Increase Productivity By Automating Repetitive Tasks

A scaleable ERP and CRM solution enables you to be more productive by automating the repetitive tasks thus helping your team focus on more important tasks.

Interconnected Modules Simplifies Inter-departmental Workflows

By implementing a single software that automates the process of all your departments, you create a single warehouse of information which improves the interdepartmental workflows

Automate Forecasting And Reporting

An ERP and CRM solution enables you to collect data for each process that in turn helps you analyze your business from various viewpoints. Automated reporting helps you keep updated with whats going on real-time.

Sales Management

Manage and track your sales pipeline easily, track sales person performance.

Vendor Management

Easily manage vendors, receive quotations, compare quotations, send purchase orders.

Project Management

Manage projects, create tasks, assign tasks, manage timesheets and analyze performance

Inventory MAnagement

Keep a track of your inventory with automated alerts for reordering stock.

Human REsource MAnagement

Manage human resources tasks like Employee management, Leave management, salary and expense management

Financial MAnagement

Manage invoices, payments, fiscal reports, profit loss statements

REporting And Analysis

Analyze the data collected in your software solution and make data-driven decisions to scale your business.

Manufacturing Resouce Planning

Manage and plan the manufacturing process for your plant on a single platform.


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